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Meet The Team

Who We Are


Sarah Underhill


Wellbeing Connection

Sarah embraced the chance to build Wellbeing Connection, the type of organization she’d always needed. Her passion for creating a community-wide safe space for sharing has grown with each brave, personal story she hears from others. Sarah works to create a network of organizations, care providers and partners to support us all. Now, we are excited to be bring that same type of safe space for teens with our new project, Teen Connection.


Jack Caudill

NAHS Graduate | Class of 2023

WBC Board Member

Jack graduated from NAHS in 2021 and interned with Wellbeing Connection for his senior seminar project. Through his own personal experience as well as his internship, he saw a lack of resources for teens. He wanted his peers to have the resources he felt he was needing. With the help of WBC, we began creating Teen Connection (TC). Jack wanted to destigmitize mental health treatment and mental illness for his peers and the community. TC was created to empower teens to feel like they can openly discuss and seek treatment, while also helping others get connected to mental health resources.

Xiyonne McCollough

NAHS Graduate | Class of 2023

Founding Member

Xiyonne was a senior at New Albany High School when she joined and helped create Teen Connection. She did this because of one concept: accessibility. The mental health resources in her life haven’t been affordable, easy to find, or inclusive enough for her to feel truly helped-and she wants to change that for good.


Elyse Bergmann

NAHS Graduate | Class of 2023

WBC Intern

Elyse was a senior at New Albany High School when she began volunteering with Teen Connection in Spring of 2022 and is a founding member. She was our intern working with both WBC and TC as part of her New Albany High School Senior Seminar Project. As someone who has struggled herself, she was drawn to helping others. She wants to provide a safe place for teens to turn when dealing with mental health issues. Some fun things about Elyse: She is a Bengals fan, pink is her favorite color, she was a baby model, she enjoys trying new things, has two Havanese dogs: Boober and Gigi.


Claire Morgan

NAHS Graduate | Class of 2023

WBC Intern

Claire was initially drawn to WBC because of her interest in mental health. Her interest grew after seeing the increasing mental health struggles in herself and peers. She was then introduced to Teen Connection and immediately fell in love with the inclusivity and positivity both WBC and TC provide. She is worked with both WBC and TC as part of her New Albany High School Senior Seminar Project. Sine fun facts about Claire She has a black lab named Emmett and enjoys reading, coloring and other arts and crafts. She recharges by taking naps and reading. She was a cheerleader with NAHS and blue, pink, purple are some of her favorite colors.

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